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Parking - Bruxelles App is a mobile application for parking guidance of cars and pedestrians to nearby parkings. It additionally provides users with uselful information about  the parkings (services, tarrifs, ...)

The app offers a panorama of public car parks in the Brussels-Capital Region. For each car park, the following information is given : 

* Business hours
* Prices
* Number of places still available
* Proposed services
* Available equipment
* Access route

This app gives suggestions on nearby car parks and you will quickly find the way to the selected car park via your favorite browser.
You can also memorize your parking space, with photo and notes, so that you will find your car easily! If you park regularly in the same places, saving your favorite car parks will be very convenient.

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Operator's App

Operator's App

A known issue with the detectors, sensors, and whatever counting systems, is the impossibility to count, process, and output the correct exact number of free places.

This happens for multiple reasons :

  • imperfection of sensors and detectors in specific weather conditions (night, rain, fog, snow, direct sun, etc)

  • imperfection of sensors and detectors in specific car behaviors (very slow, very fast, etc)

  • drivers positioning their car wrongly (over 2 places, in a place that is not a official spot, etc)

  • different vehicles (motorcycles counted as cars but parked aside, etc)

For this reason, all parking system need to have a mean to adapt from time to time the total of free places to the reality, so the guidance system displays the right number of free spots.


As the P-PGI system allows connecting to sensors and detectors thru a specialized local module, our engineers developed a Mobile Application allowing city administrators or their contractors to remotely adapt the number of free spots in the system, by simply visiting and visually  counting the free spots.

If you want more info about this app, please

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