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Pulsar Parking Guidance and Information System

 The P-PGI System (Pulsar Parking Guidance and Information System) was designed and implemented by Pulsar Consulting following European and Belgian mobility needs and regulations. It is an autonomous system, fulfilling every need in the mobility domain, in order to support the seek for mobility optimization of several market players

P-PGI handles different types of data coming from car parks or other data sources (entrance/exit barriers, presence sensors, etc.) and displays them, after process and validation, on several types of illuminated displays (number of free spaces, directions, etc.). This helps guiding drivers to a parking lot for example (parking guidance). The system is also used in the private sector, to guide drivers to the visitors car park of a company for example. 

Dynamic real-time

Drivers easily visualize the various closest parking lots and their availabilities

Optimization of the fill rate

Parkings are filling up efficiently

Reduced road congestion

Diminution of greenhouse gas emissions and air quality improvement

Reduced travel

Car drivers ride a shorter distance while looking for a parking space

Improved attendance rate

Optimized transit between parking lots

Definition of Parking Guidance

Parking Guidance is all the means put in place to guide drivers to parking lots with available spots. 
This guidance is made by a set of displays that dynamically display the number of available spots in the parking lot as well as the guidance information to access it. There are 2 major categories of parking guidance :

On-street: displays are installed on roads and allow guiding drivers to the parking entrance.                                                                         Off-street / In-parking: displays are installed in the private space of the parking and guide drivers from the parking entrance to the available places. 


Europe and Road Traffic Mobility

In the framework of the European regulations, several concerns are covered related to road traffic mobility in densely- populated area like capitals and big cities. For instance :

  • easy access by car to urban aeras
  • decongestion of most crowded streets and zones 
  • reduction of CO² emissions.
"Parking guidance and information (PGI) systems, or car park guidance systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service." (*)


"PGI systems are designed to aid in the search for vacant parking spaces by directing drivers to car parks where occupancy levels are low. The objective is to reduce search time, which in turn reduces congestion on the surrounding roads for other traffic with related benefits to air pollution with the ultimate aim of enhancement of the urban area." (*)

  Advantages of P-PGI

  • Dynamic real-time display: drivers easily visualize the various closest parking lots and their availabilities
  • Operators optimize the fill rate of their parking lots
  • Reduced road congestion and pollution
  • Reduced time and travel distance for drivers looking for a parking spot
  • Improved attendance of transit parking lots
  • Improved attendance of all parking lots by optimizing a transfer between different parking lots.


 (*) Reference: Wikipedia